NFL insider suggests Lions could spend for Le’Veon Bell

With financial flexibility, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network lists the Lions as one team that could spend some of their money on Le’Veon Bell.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Le’Veon Bell is available—and someone suggested the Lions could be a team willing to spend money on him because… they have money to spend.

Earlier this morning on Good Morning Football, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport was a guest at the daily football talk show, and conjured up a few teams who have cap space, which would make them capable of adding a player like Bell.

“There are teams though that have money that could spend for a running back. Bucs would be one, Texans would be one, what about the Lions? They’ve had running back issues…”

Objectively, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with what Rapoport is putting forth.

*Checks Spotrac*

Yeah, it checks out. But then again, there’s literally no news or interesting rumors to be had here. No “ideal landing spot” for Bell or “teams who have reached out” to the Pittsburgh Steelers or Bell.

It’s officially the offseason, folks.

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