Checking Out Cortana’s NFL Week 3 Football Picks

September 25, 2015

Cortana football predictions NFL Week 3

As most football fans should know now, the Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana is a genius at picking the winners of the NFL games. During the first week of games, she was able to predict with an accuracy of 13-3, which rivaled and beat many other professional sports handicappers. During Week 2, everyone took a hard hit, and yet Cortana was still able to get a 6-10 accuracy; most fans will agree that Week 2 was full of surprises, injuries, and comebacks.

For Week 3, she has already predicted the straight-up outcomes of all of the games, which are:

Game Pick Chance Of Winning
Redskins at Giants Giants 65.9%
Falcons at Cowboys Falcons 55%
Colts at Titans Colts 53.3%
Raiders at Browns Browns 53.3%
Bengals at Ravens Ravens 55%
Jaguars at Patriots Patriots 80%
Saints at Panthers Panthers 76.7%
Eagles at Jets Jets 61.4%
Buccaneers at Texans Texans 70.2%
Chargers at Vikings Vikings 52%
Steelers at Rams Rams 53.3%
49ers at Cardinals Cardinals 68.6%
Bills at Dolphins Dolphins 59.8%
Bears at Seahawks Seahawks 75.4%
Broncos at Lions Broncos 65.9%
Chiefs at Packers Packers 76.7%

Some of these games look like they will be very close, like the San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings or Pittsburgh Steelers at St. Louis Rams. Be cautious when looking at these predictions, as there is a human element involved in each NFL game. I would, personally, put money on the Chargers and Steelers winning their games, despite being the underdogs. The Steelers in particular have proven to be top contenders, fearless on the field, and very smart in their plays; you should watch Week 2 game highlights against the 49ers.

So, use some of your own research if you plan on betting with your friends or at sportsbooks, as it could either confirm that Cortana’s predictions are right, or something could give the underdog the bump needed to win the football game.

NFL Referee’s Mistakes Could Cause Football Disaster

September 18, 2015

Referees make mistake during football game

When watching a football game, the referees are the final word on whether an action was a penalty or not, and their decision is usually the last one that is made in respect to the enforcement of any rules while on the field. This is why there are four officials, to make sure that they can back each other’s decision. However, the problem is that they are human and humans make mistakes, but when it comes to the NFL, they have to be perfect or fans, players, coaches, and even owners will start breathing down their necks.

Well, the unthinkable happened; mistakes were made during a few of the Week 1 games of the NFL season. During the first game, where the Seattle Seahawks played against underdogs St. Louis Rams, a big mistake happened that could have cost the Rams the game, but luckily for everyone, they still won the game in the end.

The officials corrected one mistake on the Seahawks’ onside kick at the start of overtime against the Rams on Sunday, giving the Rams the ball after first wrongly ruling that the Rams had committed an invalid fair catch signal. However, they made another mistake that was never corrected, as the Seahawks could have been flagged for hitting Rams receiver Bradley Marquez after he signaled for a fair catch. This would have put the ball at the 35-yard line instead of at the 50, but officials did not listen and decided to keep the ball where it was. 15 yards is a huge difference, especially in overtime and are looking for a win.

Another two mistakes that officials made was during the Giants vs. Cowboys game. The first one was when they made a Pass Interference call on Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, which should not have occurred. The second call was when the officials failed to call a Hold on Giants tight end Daniel Fells during a third-down play, which resulted in a stopped clock. The call would have given Eli Manning the chance to simply kneel and run out the clock, but instead it gave the Cowboys the chance to score and win the game.

Mistakes will happen during a game, but when they are game changing mistakes, everyone, even the NFL is embarrassed by them. With the apologies made by the League for these mistakes, we know that they should never have happened, especially during a football game.

Giants Sign Eli Manning For 4 Football Years, $84 Million

September 11, 2015


New York Giants QB Eli Manning signed for 4 years

Great news for football fans, as the New York Giants have decided to re-sign Eli Manning onto their squad. The newly drafted contract would give Manning $86 million, with $65 million in guarantees, and would be for 4 years. On top of it all, the contract also has a no-trade clause, ensuring that one of the top NFL quarterbacks won’t switch teams until his contract has ended.

Despite Manning trying to become the highest paid player in the NFL, this seems to be a good deal for the team and the player. His is not the only big deal going down, as this deal is similar to that of Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Manning may not be able to boast to be the highest paid player in the League, but he comes in a close third. He still has many years in his prime, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was able to get an even better deal in 4 years; of course that would depend on how well he performs during that time.

The top four paid signal-callers are:

  1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers ($22 million)
  2. Russell Wilson, Seahawks ($21.9 million)
  3. Eli Manning, Giants ($21 million)
  4. Philip Rivers, Chargers ($20.8 million)

No one does know if Manning is the best quarterback in the league, as that is something hard to quantify, but he does have a great amount of accomplishments during his career:

  • Started in every game during 11 seasons.
  • Has nearly all Giants passing records including, most passing yards, touchdown passes and completed passes.
  • Two Super Bowl MVP awards, along with the Super Bowl championship wins.

The Giants are still quite excited to have Manning on their roster for another 4 years, and it should prove to be very successful, especially with that track record. Let’s see how it works out during this season of football, and the next three years as well.

Football Preseason Team Power Rankings Going Into 2015 Season

September 4, 2015

Preseason Football Team Power Rankings

With the Preseason football games over with and the 2015 Regular Season starting on September 10, many fans like to know exactly where their favorite NFL teams stand when compared against each other. We know that the preseason games do not really matter that much, as the points do not count, but it is a good time to see which players stand out and improved, or those that simply are not living up to the hype.

For us, the preseason are warm-up and practice games to get the overall team strategy working perfectly for when it really matters. This is why we like to see the power rankings of the different NFL teams to see which are more likely to start the season on the right foot. Here are the overall rankings:

1 Seattle Seahawks
2 Green Bay Packers
3 New England Patriots
4 Denver Broncos
5 Indianapolis Colts
6 Philadelphia Eagles
7 Baltimore Ravens
8 Pittsburgh Steelers
9 Arizona Cardinals
10 Kansas City Chiefs
11 Dallas Cowboys
12 Detroit Lions
13 Cincinnati Bengals
14 Minnesota Vikings
15 San Diego Chargers
16 Miami Dolphins
17 New Orleans Saints
18 Houston Texans
19 Buffalo Bills
20 Carolina Panthers
21 Atlanta Falcons
22 San Francisco 49ers
23 St. Louis Rams
24 New York Giants
25 Chicago Bears
26 New York Jets
27 Cleveland Browns
28 Oakland Raiders
29 Jacksonville Jaguars
30 Washington Redskins
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
32 Tennessee Titans

We are surprised that some teams were ranked low, as well as high, while others made complete sense to be in the ranked spot that they are in currently. For instance, the Eagles being ranked at #6 would surprise most if they were only going on how they performed last season. However, we will have to see if they can live up to this new hype once the season starts. The Giants are another team that surprises most at being ranked #24, especially after QB Eli Manning wanted to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

These rankings may change drastically once the season starts, but certain teams may be able to retain their high position, as they have proven their abilities in the past. Players, coaches, and teams will have to leave it all out there on the football field, and make sure to perform at their best.