NFL Looking For Temporary Venues In Los Angeles

June 26, 2015

Los Angeles NFL

Football fans will be very glad to know that Los Angeles continues to become a serious venue for a future NFL franchise. Not only have there been proposals by several teams, but Chris Hardart the League’s vice president of corporate development, has also been searching for a temporary venue to host a team during the 2016 season.

So far, Hardart has come across various different possible venues, including the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Rose Bowl. There are two potential venues where three NFL teams have made their bid to build:

Carson Location

  • San Diego Chargers: $1.7 billion stadium.
  • Oakland Raiders: $1.7 billion stadium.

Inglewood Location

  • St. Louis Rams: $1.86 billion, 80,000-seat stadium.

The Rams and the Raiders have been previously located in L.A., but moved out since 1995. This would make a great comeback, not only for the fans and city, but also for these teams. Los Angeles hasn’t had a professional football team in years, but still has a big market for them, so this is a great opportunity for any team to get.

DirecTV And NFL Sunday Ticket Being Sued

June 19, 2015

NFL sunday ticket

It seems that DirecTV and the NFL is being sued over their service Sunday Ticket, where they charge up to $200 so that fans can gain access to all of the football games that are televised, as long as a local game is not being blacked out. They are being sued, as fans do not want to pay such a high fee for games they will not watch.

The lawsuit states that they are violating federal antitrust laws by requiring consumers to purchase all Sunday afternoon out-of-market games, even if the customer wants to see the out-of-market games for one team only. In other words, they want to be able to pay just to watch one or a few games, not have to pay so much for all games.

I believe this is a great lawsuit, as it is forcing this monopoly to adjust their services to fit the needs and desires of their customers, not just so they can make more money regardless of what service they offer. Fans do have a right to pay for the games they want to see.

This suit, along with Yahoo being able to live stream over the internet, seems like football fans will be getting just what they wanted, whether DirecTV complies or not, I do believe that the NFL will make the right choice.

A Few Football Facts To Consider This Week

June 12, 2015

NFL news

It has been an eventful week in the NFL, ranging from retiring football players to teams looking to relocate to Los Angeles. Sports fans should keep a close eye on some of these pieces of news, as they could really affect their fantasy football team. Some is great news, while other is shocking. Here are a few of those highlights:

  1. Los Angeles NFL Team(s): It would seem the Chargers, Rams, and Raiders are looking to L.A. as the perfect site to relocate. There are plans in the works for stadiums in the city, as well as in Carson.
  2. Evan Mathis Let Go: The Philadelphia Eagles have dropped Mathis after a debate on salary. It may be hard for him to get picked up with a salary of $5.5 million.
  3. Reggie Bush: he is taking snaps instead of Carlos Hyde, so watch for him once the season starts.
  4. Ameer Abdullah: Rookie running back will take over for injured Joique Bell.
  5. Ty Sambrailo: will be starting for the Broncos as left tackle.
  6. Tarvaris Jackson: back on the Seattle Seahawks roster as back-up quarterback.
  7. Carson Palmer: may be back earlier than expected, as he is ahead of schedule on his healing ACL tear.

As you can see, there are a lot of news surrounding players, which can be used to your advantage when drafting for your fantasy football league, or simply when you decide to place a bet when the season starts.

NFL Football Owners Schedule Special Meeting In August

June 4, 2015

NFL Owners Meeting

The NFL owners have scheduled a special meeting that is to take place on August 11 in Los Angeles. For those football fans in this city in California, there may be amazing news. It would seem that one of the popular sports teams are relocating to Los Angeles, hopefully by the end of this next season, so that the new stadium can be built.

This is amazing news, as Los Angeles did have a NFL team in the past, but have not had one since 1994, when the Rams and Raiders left the city. There have been rumors ever since 1995 that they would get a new team, but nothing ever happened. With the boom in L.A. it is becoming more and more obvious that the city is well prepared for the arrival of a franchise.

With that mentioned, there are more rumors that there could be a possibility of two teams relocating to the city, although that seems most unlikely. Either way, once the NFL owners have talked it over, there may be an increase in pro football activities within a few years.